Obama Gets the Colonial Treatment


US President Barack Obama's long form birth certificate

President Barack Obama’s release of his official long-form US birth certificate was a monumental mistake. The world’s most most powerful man allowed himself to received a dose of the psychological humiliation his own father and other non-white natives routinely received under European colonial rule.

Under colonial rule, colonized peoples of color didn’t belong in certain places, and in the family of equal human beings, until that moment they produced valid IDs. Even in their own land. Not carrying proper ID meant arrest or jail.

Obama’s argument is that he had had enough of the “sideshows and carnival barkers” of the so-called birther movement. That argument misses the reality.   Long ago, Tocqueville observed that race was America’s national obsession. Race was at the heart of the country’s founding and the milestones that followed, including the Civil Rights Movement.

The whole birth certificate fiasco is about unconscious racism that now finds expression in the political opposition to Obama.

The release wasn’t enough to appease the birthers. A Survey USA poll conducted after the gesture showed that 18 per cent of respondents still doubt Obama’s birthplace. 10 percent even believe the birth certificate was doctored.

Large percent of the US population will always believe the bithers-inspired conspiracy that Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen, and therefore unqualified to occupy the hallowed White House.

America’s racial project is here to stay.

Nehanda 1896

Nehanda 1896

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