Canada’s White Supremacist Views Barred From Parliamentary Committee

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford With Canadian Neo-Nazi Jon Latvis

By Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive, Sept. 29, 2012:

Meet Madi Lussier, one of the two witnesses from the Canadian Immigration Report or, barred from speaking before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration earlier this week.

Lussier and her fellow witness had been invited to speak before the committee. Then they traveled all the way from Toronto to Ottawa to make the presentation, only to be told that their input wasn’t welcome.

“We made the long drive to Parliament Hill and just a moment after entering the meeting room, a clerk informed us that our time had been given to someone else and that we were not to appear before the committee,” they later fumed in a blog post on their site. And they’re especially furious that they and “other Canadians we speak for, we were silenced, censored, discarded.”

It was an honour to be involved in such an admirable democratic process, and a privilege to be among the few private citizens whom were to be permitted to convey their thoughts regarding immigration. However, it seems that the Liberals and NDP did not believe in their immigration policies enough to defend them before us. Along with all the other Canadians we speak for, we were silenced, censored, discarded.

While aggregates stories on immigration, it also propagates the inflated views and unfounded fears often expressed by white supremacists and related hate groups. It views non-white immigrants as a threat. For example, it warns that “European” values are at risk of disappearing in Canada as a result of immigration. The CIReport’s slogan is: The impact of immigration and racial diversity on Canada and Canadians.

For the group, that “impact” isn’t at all positive for Canada. The CIReport’s articles are organized into ethnic communities and most of the stories on these communities are negative. Virtually all latest stories filed under the African, Asian, Roma, Arab and South American communities relate to crime, gang violence, murder, sexual assault and illegal immigrants. The group fears that multiculturalism will result in the “Chinafication” or “Arabization” or Canada. Whatever that means.

In their prepared remarks, the Canadian Immigration Report reps had hoped to school the committee on the “problems” inherent in Canada’s immigration and refugee system. They’d planned to complain about “the loss of social cohesion resulting from an aggressive and artificial increase in ethnic and racial diversity.”

They’d planned to posit that “many of Canada’s immigrants constitute a brain drain from the world’s developing countries.” That immigrants are “tax consumers rather than tax contributors.” That “they’re increasing Canada’s carbon footprint exponentially.”

The Canadian Immigration Report reps wanted to inform the committee that the current immigration system is all about “importing child-breeders.” That the notion of “refugee” should be redefined. ETC.

The group’s solution: a moratorium on immigration for 50 years.

As if to give weight to its racist exaggerations, carries interviews featuring prominent Canadian and American white supremacists. Paul Fromm, a well-known Canadian white supremacist recently said this in an video interview the site carries:

“Certainly the policy in Canada is one of ethnic cleansing and replacement. By 2015, the European founding settler people will be a minority … we will have been ethnically cleansed out of our own country.”

CIReport also carried an interview with American writer Tito Perdue, who states that:

“If you look at the civilizations that black people alone have created, they generally turn out to be a kind of hell on earth.”

As expected, the Official Opposition New Democrats came swinging, suggesting that “inviting people like this to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration sure sends a signal from the Conservatives.” Signal from the Conservatives? Meaning, the Conservative-dominated committee invited the Canadian Immigration Report to validate the Conservatives’ position on immigration?

Conservative MP Chungsen Leung, recommended the controversial witnesses. Earlier this year, Rob Ford, the right-wing Mayor of Toronto, posed with Jon Latvis, a member of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (Racial Holy War). In June, Canada’s neo-Nazis saluted Stephen Harper, after his acquiescing Conservative majority in the House of Commons passed Bill C-304, a private members’ bill sponsored by Alberta Conservative backbencher, Brian Storseth.

I blogged about it. The Conservatives never dissociated themselves from the salute.

Learn more from the group’s nuked presentation, RIGHT HERE.

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  1. If I told you that I took the time to read their report and that I agree with much that is written, would that make me a WHITE SUPREMACIST?

    We must be careful when overusing words such as 'racist, supremacist, xenophobic etc.'. Many established immigrants, of which I know many, agree with most of the report which is based on reason. Would that make them also WHITE SUPREMACISTS (although some are not 100% Caucasian)?

    More and more people are coming to realize that limits must be put on immigration and that current unemployed Canadians must be trained for employment first before offering our jobs to strangers. And yes, masses of new immigration is not good for the environment. And so much more in that report…

    Instead of dishing out insults of white supremacy about people you don't know, I suggest you read the report and start an honest debate. This approach would be much more constructive and mature.

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