Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Fired From Beloved Football Coaching Job

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will no longer derive personal and political capital from his position of head football coach at Etobicoke’s Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. The Toronto Catholic District School (TCDSB) has fired him from the position.

“The Toronto Catholic District School (TCDSB) thanks Mayor Rob Ford for his contribution and many years of service to the Don Bosco Eagles Football Program,” the TCDSB said in a press release. “The Board has informed Mr. Ford of our decision to pursue a different direction with a new volunteer head coach for the Don Bosco Eagles senior football team.

Last Thursday, New York news blog Gawker revealed the existence of a video showing Ford smoking crack cocaine.

The TCDSB statement makes no reference to the cocaine scandal. But, there are strong hints the scandal may have influenced the board’s decision to nuke its decade-long affiliation with the beleaguered mayor. For example, Bruce Rodrigues, the Director of Education, says in the release, “This decision was based on what is best for our students, our school and the Don Bosco community.” The release also reminds us that ”The Board’s primary responsibility is to ensure a positive learning environment for all our students and promote our school’s ongoing commitment to academic achievement, well-being and excellence.”
As I blogged earlier, the crack cocaine scandal is the latest in a series of scandals to haunt Ford since his election in 2010:

Last year, we learned that  he’d posed for a photo with Jon Latvis, a white supremacist and a member of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (Racial Holy War). Last September, a conflict of interest court case almost forced him out of office.

After a deadly gang-related shooting in Toronto last July, Ford proposed exiling the city’s convicted criminals, most of whom are persons of color.

In March this year, we learned that Ford has a serious drinking problem, one the Star says is so seriously that, since he was elected in 2010, his inner circle has repeatedly urged him enter rehab “over pattern of alcohol abuse”.

Also in March, Ford’s fellow Toronto councillor and former mayoral candidate, Sarah Thomson, accused him of grabbing her ass at a public event. MaClean’s magazine then suggested that Ford should be charged with sexual assault.

Will Ford survive this one? Crack cocaine is classified as a Schedule I substance under Canada’sControlled Drugs and Substances Act Section 4 (1). It’s possession or use is an indictable offence carrying a maximum of seven year prison.

TCDSB Statement Regarding Mayor Ford as Coach of Don Bosco Eagles

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