New Conservative Ad Reveals Stephen Harper’s Fear of Justin Trudeau [VIDEO]

The possibility of “waking up in 2015 to Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister” of Canada unnerves Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

by: Obert Madondo | Published Dec. 19, 2013

The possibility of “waking up in 2015 to Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister” of Canada really unnerves Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

That much is clear from the Conservatives’ latest campaign-style propaganda video, release Thursday.

The video attempted to frame the 2015 election and narrow our choices of prime ministerial candidates to two: Harper and Trudeau. By so doing, the Conservatives only revealed that poll-leading Trudeau is causing them sleepless nights already.

“The election is less than two years away – and the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher,” said Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre in an email urging party supporters to watch the video and donate.

Then the next miss… The video depicts Harper as the Conservative Party of Canada. Harper is the video’s sole focus. Justice Minister Peter MacKay, makes only a fleeting appearance. No other Conservative MPs are in focus.

The trouble is, Third World dictators and other tyrants always portray themselves as their ruling parties – and as the country they rule. They cultivate a cult of personality. They survive through lies. Tyrants relentlessly inflate their achievements.

The Conservatives’ video would have us believe this outrageous suggestion that Harper and the Conservatives inherited a broken country when they took over from the Liberals in 2006.

“Seven years ago we set out to rebuild Canada,” says the male narrator in the video.

No surprises here. Last April, the Conservatives tried to persuade us to believe that their anti-Trudeau campaign was part of “democratic debate.”

Come 2015, Harper is going down!

Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based progressive blogger, and the founder and editor of The Canadian Progressive. Follow him on 

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  1. I did not like the video at all. He may as well have been rolling in mud. Harper you do not rule and make every Canadian benefit. There are children that live in poverty and you are comfortable in your life and appear to ignore that huge responsibility to the vulnerable, the children of Canada. Taking away protections to our waters, taking out the scientist voices, shooing away of Keshe, your american like support of the oil and gas industries, your blind eyes to the ruin you have enabled with in the borders of Canada, your rewarding of the prison contract to an enbridge employee, howd he get the lowest bid and the contract?? , you are a leach HARPER!!

  2. Trading one wolf for another imo. Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Obama; a bright and hopeful alternative to the horrors of Harper (Bush Jr). Everyone will flock to his youthful smile and positive rhetoric, unaware he is working for the same forces and will only continue/heighten the agenda.

    – When is Canada going to realize that when it comes to the big issues, Canada's 'democracy' is as much of a sham as our american Left/Right illusion? The corporate and banking forces would never risk their power to a REAL candidate – Their policies are safe and secure with this phoney Harper/Trudeau 'rivalry'; both will do their bidding just the same.

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