NDP vaults past Conservatives, Liberals after 2015 election call: Poll

NDP vaults past Conservatives, Liberals after 2015 election call: Poll

by: Obert Madondo  | Aug 3, 2015

Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is now regarded by Canadians as the best choice for Canada's next prime minister. (Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr/cc)
Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is now regarded by Canadians as the best choice for Canada’s next prime minister. (Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr/cc)

Real political change in Ottawa. That’s all Canadians want now.

A Forum Research poll conducted a few hours after Stephen Harper officially called the 2015 federal election on Sunday shows that 39 per cent of Canadian voters would vote NDP if the election were held today. According to the poll, released Monday, the Harper Conservatives, who tied the New Democrats on the even of the call, tumbled to 28 per cent. The Liberals came in third at 25 per cent.

“If these results are projected up to a 338 seat house, the NDP would capture 160 seats, 10 short of a majority, while the Conservatives would take 118. The Liberals would settle for 58 seats, the Greens for their leader’s seat and the Bloc for one seat,” Forum Research stated on its website.

The Conservatives won their undeserved majority during the 2011 federal election after capturing only 39.6 per cent of the popular vote.

The Forum poll also shows that NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is now regarded as the number one choice for prime minister, polling 31 per cent. Harper, the leader of the Conservatives, and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, trailed at 24 per cent and 22 per cent, respectively.

A Globe and Mail/Nanos Research poll, released late last month found that nearly half of Canadians now see Mulcair and the New Democrats as “the best choice to improve the country’s prospects.”

Both polls speak to the failure of the the Harper government’s election propaganda and Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) payouts, the biggest single political bribe in Canadian history, to sway voters.

Launching the 2015 federal campaign on Sunday, Harper indicated that he will be asking “Canadians for their support to continue to deliver sound economic management, and to take the difficult decisions necessary to protect our country’s security.” That’s propaganda. The Canadian economy is not feeling very well right now. A report (PDF) released on the eve of the election call, reveals that Harper is “one of the worst economic managers since World War II”. That, for the NDP, should be the key argument from today to October 19.

A poll released by Mainstreet Research soon after UCCB cheques started shipping had found that Canadians had “reacted very positively”, giving the Conservatives a staggering 38 per cent. According to Forum Research, “Support for the Conservatives is highest among the least educated (34%) and lowest among the most educated (19%), while the opposite applies with the NDP (35% and 45%, respectively).

Can the NDP maintain its current momentum and deliver the historic change Canadians hunger for? Mulcair promises to deliver. WATCH:

(Video: via YouTube)

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Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based progressive blogger, and the founder and editor of The Canadian Progressive. Follow me on Twitter: @Obiemad


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  1. I’ve voted NDP in every election since the 60s. Now with Mulcair throwing people out
    of candidacy for criticizing Israel and threatening to use hate laws against those who
    are disgusted by Israel’s growing settlements in Palestinian territory my vote’s going to Trudeau.

  2. I don’t like Harper and his policies but Obert Madondo has an agenda. He is no an objective journalist. He wrote that Teresa Spence is more heroic than Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King! This Obert guy is a joke!!

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