The Canadian Progressive Image LogoThe Canadian Progressive is an activism-oriented political blog.

Relentless action is required to effect progressive change, to make Canada and the world a better place. But action for its sake is not enough. We encourages Canadian and global progressives to create and live a culture of protest. We must never tire of demanding more of the good thing.

This page carries our action-oriented resources and those of Canadian progressive organizations and movements we identify with or endorse.


The Canadian Progressive carries petitions, polls and other actions that enable you to get involved. You can act your progressive passions through the blog in these seven unique ways:

  • Interact with blog posts, polls: Read, comment, share
  • Visit our Obert Madondo’s YouTube channel
  • Act out your progressive passions. Join campaigns we suggest on our homepage
  • Share your own campaigns and causes with us. Please CONTACT US with your progressive causes and relevant links


As an activism-oriented progressive political blog, we understand the value of collaboration for the common good. We’re not experts on the best progressive movers and shakers in Canada, but we do our best to identify those you’d be delighted to associate yourself with. So, here are our preferred Canadian progressive organizations and movements.

We look forward to hearing from you! Or, meet you on the frontlines!