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David Suzuki: It’s time to nix neonics

David Suzuki on why it’s time for Canada to ban neonics, a class of widely used neuro-active insecticides that harm not only the pests they’re designed to kill, but also bees and other pollinators we rely on for about one-third of food crops.

NASA: October 2016 was the second warmest October in 136 years

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York just revealed that October 2016 was “the second warmest October in 136 years of modern record-keeping, according to a monthly analysis of global temperatures.” Even more alarming is the fact that the last three Octobers are the warmest on record.

David Suzuki on the cost of consumerism on the biosphere

“As the human population continues to grow and consumerism shows no signs of abating, the technosphere expands, causing pollution, contamination and resource depletion, further upsetting the delicate natural balance that keeps our planet habitable for humans and other life forms,” writes award-winning environmentalist David Suzuki.