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Citing the Ongoing Arab Spring, UN Declares Internet a Basic Human Right

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, June 6, 2011: The United Nations has declared that unfettered Internet accessibility is a basic human right, and essential for nurturing human aspirations. And its all because of the “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East. Since the democratic uprisings started, besieged the regimes in the Arab world repeatedly imposed…
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“Slut” is up for redemption

  Who would have thought that “slut”, the much-aligned little word would ignite a world movement?  It did and, through the worldwide “SlutWalk” marches, progressive forces are simultaneously challenging male arrogance and asserting women’s sexual liberation? The right to be a slut is in.
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Obama Gets the Colonial Treatment

  President Barack Obama’s release of his official long-form US birth certificate was a monumental mistake. The world’s most most powerful man allowed himself to received a dose of the psychological humiliation his own father and other non-white natives routinely received under European colonial rule.
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