Aboriginal Issues

Canada 150: Reconciling who we are with who we want to be

Today, on the occasion of Canada 150, we should be asking ourselves tough questions relating to the role of public policy in Canada’s ongoing efforts at reconciling with Indigenous people. According to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: “Above all, we must deliberately put Indigenous voices and lived experiences at the centre of policy-making conversations in Canada”.

Ignatieff says Harper’s power-grab “is harming democracy”

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 5, 2013: Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says Harper’s power-grab “is harming democracy” and he’s 100% right. With unassailable majorities in both the House of Commons and Senate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is potentially the most powerful leader in the world. He’s much more powerful that U.S. President Barack Obama who has to content with Congress on major decisions. In addition to the power that comes with the office…

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